My husband is home from the hospital. It was a long five days for both him and I, and is such a good reminder of how important it is to strengthen our immune system.

A friend of mine introduced me to amazing healing oils, called Doterra Oils, to use on my husband’s infected leg and feet. I was desperate to help him, and applied four different oils two-three times a day. His leg healed at a remarkable speed along with the antibiotic.

Good health is priceless. I am now determined for my family and I to eat healthier, use essential oils, and get enough exercise to keep our bodies strong. While antibiotics are needed to get rid of tough bacteria, a strong immune system is needed to avoid getting sick, because this is NOT a cycle that we want to repeat.


Tonight my husband is in the hospital with an aggressive infection in his leg. It started yesterday, and this morning he had a fever and a large red rash on his leg. He couldn’t walk, and I drove him to the ER. They admitted him and he is on antibiotics and pain meds, and has received many blood tests to check his white blood cell count. 

The tests this afternoon came back a bit high, most likely from fighting the infection, though they will scan for a blood clot as well. All of this served as a good reminder to me that things in life can and do change very fast in life, and I must try to always be prepared, whether I feel well or not.

I wasn’t feeling too good myself, but made the choice to serve my husband and best friend to the best of my ability. Dealing with this stress and uncertainty caused me want to write more scenes in our time travel novel, as a way for us to remember our love of this young adult story, and how it brings us closer together.

This is one of the many reasons I became a writer – to create tales that temporally help me forget about my problems and concentrate on my characters who have a life of their own.


I have neglected my blog for a while due to my busy life and the pain that floods my body.  It is a bad combination that has distracted me from my love of writing both my novels and this blog. But I now have hope, that since I wake up in the middle of the night, and when I take my headache medicine that also contains caffeine and aspirin, it alleviates most of my pain.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about who I am and what I write about, and my love of our earth and the stars inspired me to change the look of this site. I am in the process of editing my Enchanted Locket manuscript with my co-author, Anthony F. Rando. These characters talk to me the most often, and we are changing the location of where these characters live.  Instead of upstate New York or Western Pennsylvania, they now live in Galveston, Texas.

And everything has fallen into place; when my family and I went to visit the day after Christmas for my mother’s birthday, I found the perfect house for my character’s setting. It felt right, and I could imagine my character Olivia living there and dealing with her encounters with ghosts.

My chronic pain seems to affect my memory recall, so I’ll be re-reading my novel writing books and posting my thoughts on my writing blog, Epic Tales.

Writing notes of inspiration on the go

I have been very busy home schooling my twelve-year-old and (still) rebuilding my damaged body. Last week was my brother’s birthday, and I bought him a Samsung tablet at Best Buy.

Then I met a Samsung employee working at Best Buy, and though we should have left the store to work on the new tablet, I spoke to the sales person about his cell phone.

Do you see where this is going? Yes, I bought a new cell phone – the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The large screen where you can write (with a stylus) pretty much had me at hello.

Now it is time for me to find my writing groove again…

Hotel Galvez

My family and I recently went to the island of Galveston (in Texas). After spending time in the ocean and eating a quick snack, we went for a walk.

We entered the beautiful lobby inside the Hotel Galvez and ended up taking a two hour tour with the head of security when I studied the picture of Mr. Galvez. He gave us an enlightening history lesson regarding the ‘Great Storm’ of 1900, a huge hurricane killing about ten thousand people.

The story of an orphanage managed by a loving nun broke my heart. When the water reached the top of their building, the nun tied a rope around her and the children in hope of them swimming. I cannot imagine the terror those they must have felt. One of the little girls is now a resident ghost in the hotel’s basement where she bounces her red ball to the fear of the guests.

After hearing several other interesting things about this island, my interest in writing a ghost novel in Galveston has invaded my mind. I hope that you may have a similar experience with your research as well.

New Laptop

new laptopIt’s been difficult to work on my novels without a reliable computer these last six months. My desktop has been on the verge of dying, and hurts my neck when I sit there too long. I tried to work on my stories with my iPad, but it was too frustrating for me to use a touch screen device. I can’t help editing as I type when those red lines appear on my screen.

But thanks to my wonderful parents, I now can work on them again. They are very supportive of me writing and want to read my work. My dad wants me to write his life colorful life story. Last week they sold their house in Western Pennsylvania, and bought me this wonderful laptop with a large monitor.

It’s time for me to create a new writing schedule and immerse myself into my fictional world once again.

Quick Update

I am finally writing another blog post. The last few days I’ve been busy working on both my adult ghost/spirit short story, The Enchanted Stone, and my YA time travel novel, Time Control: Deception.

It is such a blessing to me when my characters talk to me as I write their stories, and it helps me to not dwell on my health problems. Now that I’m writing daily again, hopefully all of my tales will be published one day.

Otherwise my ghosts will haunt me again. Did you know that I have a Spirit in my new house? Yep, and he/she opened up the light fixture while my son sat below. And where I’m currently sitting and writing this.

LDS Writer’s Blogfest

LDS Writer Blogfest

Today I want to write about one of the most epic tales (non-fiction) I’ve ever read: The Book of Mormon. I am participating in the 4th annual Mormon Blogfest, where Mormon writers blog about their beliefs. 

If you are not a Mormon, you might ask, what makes the Book of Mormon an epic tale?

Well, it is a volume of Holy scripture comparable to the Bible. It was written by ancient prophets, and contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ for everyone living on the earth in the last days before our Savior returns to the Earth. These prophets lived in the Americas 500 years before Christ, during His mortal life on earth, and about 400 years after his death. They wrote about their spiritual experiences as well as the history of their people.

The reason I love this Holy scripture so much is whenever I have a question or problem in my life, the answer is ALWAYS in the Book of Mormon. I am so, so, grateful to be a Mormon and have this Holy scripture to guide me and my family through these troubled days.

 Here is the link to Kayeleen’s blog to read why being a Mormon is important to her.


My master bedroom in my new house has 6 windows. Whenever we have a thunderstorm, or if it is windy, I always hear an eerie noise. It usually either sounds like a train, or a group of Spirits (ghosts) whooshing around my windows.

This has encouraged me to return to my two ghost novels which I began about three years ago. (Not that I’m counting). My plan now is to update my blog with information about my research and writing. I have new neck problems, so writing may once again be my form of therapy as I embrace my fictional world of an enchanted locket and the Spirits who want to cross to the other side.